No shelf. I'm here purely to blog.

BL Can't Count

I just want to thank all three of my followers. 




Marching in Place?

Attempt to add post #2:


Managed to log in 2 days in a row.


Still slower than dial-up 20 years ago.


Hol's followers as of today: 13,463. If this number ever starts going down, we will have a hint that something is being done about the spammers.


Marching Backwards

First time I have been able to get to my DASHBOARD since September 4.


Booklikes has been unable to handle my connection.



First attempt to post failed: An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn't finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources. Additional troubleshooting information here.


Third attempt failed. No excuse given.

Two Steps Forward...

One step back.


Had trouble connecting for a couple of days. 


Still a ghost town here.


Has anyone ever thought that this is exactly what the plan has been all along: drive us away?

Moving Along
No trouble logging in. Can have multiple tabs open. Connections are very slow but errors are infrequent.
Have added a few more friends.  Dashboard is very slowly and loads very little activity. A shame since the Dashboard was one of the strong points of the website when it functioned properly. 
The composing windows has also been a problematic, disappearing mid-composing and losing all those thoughts. I'm trying to remember to compose in a doc and not on BL.
Am I going to bother to talk books here? Probably not until the conversation moves back here and that won't happen until active steps are taken to removed the spammers. So, no, I won't be bothering with bookish conversation.
Making progress

Finally able to connect.


Have cleaned up following list, they were mostly dormant accounts.


Have spiffed up blog theme.



Have added friends.



Dashboard feed still like molasses.


Friends should follow me on my personal blog; you know where to find that information on GR.

Just testing functionality


Just testing to see if I can even post to my blog.



Can't even get to dashboard. 


Can't add friends.