Sorry, no shelf. I'm here to blog.

Our New Home



Our new bookish home isn't great but at least it is a secure website and the group moderators have the ability to delete spammers and other miscreants.


In the end, at the end, the only good thing about BL was the dashboard and being able to follow multiple conversations in one feed, rather than having to go bopping around from one thread to another -- or even worse trying to read the daily digest, with is tiny print, lack of print and deletion of images.

Pebble on the Headstone

 Wow, no trouble logging in. Taken right to the Dashboard. Checked out the one new post. Opened the comments and was horrified to see that the two comments there were escort spam.


The facts speak for themselves: this place is no longer safe and never will be.



Epitaph for a Haven




Here lies BookLikes:

Victim of an inhospitable host. 

I am creating a new post just to see if it will take me to the Dashboard when I am done.


Otherwise, there is nothing more to be seen or heard here. The place is overgrown with weeds that will soon obscure any evidence that we ever made a home here.


Instant Update:


I figured out how to get the Dashboard feed to actually show something. Once you get into the Dashboard, if you look to the right, there is a dropdown menu that allows you choose a Dashboard view. The default is ALL and with all, you get nothing. If you open the menu and choose TEXT or REVIEWS, voila, the feed appears. 



Such a Shame


It is like walking the halls of your old school during summer vacation.


The flip-flop of your sandals echoes as you walk down the darkened, empty hallways.



The place is like a tomb, cold and silent. 


This place used to be so alive with bookish talk. Now it barely has a heart-beat.


Such a shame.

Waiting for a Phoenix

I have noticed that Hol's follower count hasn't changed in weeks. 


I have also noticed that the Dashboard continues to be unavailable as it has for at least a month now. The site is useless without it. It is what brings us all together, Wait. Let me rephrase that: it is what brought us together.


I am sure that the current owners are wishing us well in our current home.


Update: Upon publishing this post I was taken to the Dashboard, where it was the only post on the page and nothing else would load. Pitiful.


I will continue to report what is not happening here...until I get bored by the effort.

I still can't get to the Dashboard to read all the new posts but I did find a circuitous route to being able post this message.


From someone else's blog, I clicked on the envelope to send a private massage, which took me to the message sending window, where I now had access to the Dashboard dropdown menu, the one that allows us to access settings, friends, shelf, etc. I navigated to BLOG and from there have been able to make this post. 


Absolutely insane!




A Happier New Year to one and all.


Wow, I haven't been able to post since December 5. It is getting harder and harder to get to the dashboard and when I do, I still get only about a day's worth of updates.


I keep hoping for a phoenix to rise from the ashes of the BL-pocalypse but in my heart of hearts, I know that it ain't gonna happen. We will just have to continue to build our post-Bl-pocalyptic world in its new home and hope for the best.


In the meantime, there are a few of us here, keeping the campfires burning, just in case.



Been Awhile



Yes, it has been about three weeks since I have last been able to log in and post something here.


Depressing but I persevere because I want to continue to report on the state of the patient.  


Dashboard is still UPS. It only loads 24 hours worth of posts and activity. 


If I am lucky, I will give my blog a new color scheme today -- but only time will tell?

Monday, Monday

I tried to get on a few times last week. No dice.

I tried to get on over the weekend. No dice.

I tried again this morning and finally got in with no problems.

Looks like Monday is the best day to check in.


Still downloading only a few posts on the Dashboard, makes it too clunky to keep up with individual memners.


Hol's follower count is holding at 19262. 


Have a good week everyone.


I was wrong

A week ago, I reported: Hol is up to 19,051 followers. The account will probably cross 20,000 by the next time I post. Pitiful


Well, I was wrong and Hol's follower count is only up to 19,262. However, I week is not  a trend. 


The cynic wonders if this has anything to do with the end US election campaign. 

Logging-in is a Crap Shoot

First time in a week that I have been able to log in.


Hol is up to 19,051 followers. The account will probably cross 20,000 by the next time I post. Pitiful.


This was such an excellent platform. A shame what has happened here. Would be nice if the owners would sell the platform so that it could continue to be developed as a meeting and blogging place by someone who cares. 






Good morning

I haven't been able to log in for a few days now and haven't posted anything since 10/14. In the intervening time, it was a combination of unable to log in and browser issues requiring a re-install.


Dashboard is barely loading, not that it has been that good for lo these many months.


Meanwhile bookish life continues at other venues. Change always has a period of adjustment.


Hol's account is up to 18082 followers now. 


Hol's account is up to 16,902. That is almost 500 in 5 days. It is getting worse not better.



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